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Why we are a Winkler Structures dealer

Home Journey Why we are a Winkler Structures dealer


Logan Stevens Construction is committed to providing our customers with a quality product. We have been very fortunate to team up with Winkler Structures and become one of their dealers. Winkler Structures is a fabric building manufacturer based out of Winkler, Manitoba. Winkler Structures is a family owned business who, like us, will not compromise a quality product for a price or profit.


We wanted to offer our customers a quick and inexpensive solution for cold storage. Our solution is Winkler Structures. With them as our provider we can offer our customers a ‘best value’ for your cold storage needs. The quality material that Winkler Canvas uses has a life expectancy of 20 or more years – at which that time it can be replaced with a new cover over the existing frame. Not only can we offer you a great, inexpensive building for your needs but our crews have the special techniques that are required for assembly. Each of our customers will receive a quality build and quality service.


What can you expect when you get a Winkler Structure building from us?

  • A quality product that will be assembled correctly
  • A building that comes with full warranty
  • A building provided by a local, well known supplier
  • A building that has a life expectancy of at least 20+ years, at which time the fabric can be replaced
  • A building that can be moved very easily
  • A building that will be the ‘best match’ for our clients’ needs


Our Fabric Structures can come in many sizes and configurations.

For more information regarding our Fabric Structures – visit our website http://loganstevens.ca/fabric-buildings/



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