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Let’s Grow Your Operation: The Pro’s of Building Steel

You need your structure to meet the challenges of your everyday work life.

Some of the reasons why you should build steel:


  1. Durability
  2. Design Flexibility
  3. Expand-ability
  4. Lower Insurance Premiums



Get the most out of your structure by building with steel! When you build your structure with steel you will receive a long – term, consistently performing structure that is not susceptible to moisture in filtration. It won’t warp, split, crack or creep. Not only is steel durable compared to other materials but it will withstand our harsh Prairie environment. Live the maintenance free lifestyle and focus on the bigger challenges within your industry.


Design Flexibility

It’s important that your structure meets your needs as well as your industry’s needs. The sky is the limit when it comes to the design of your structure. Steel increases mezzanine floor spans, allows walls to disappear and natural light to flow throughout your space.



Prepare your building for the future. Your operation will grow over the years and building with steel allows you to expand easily. Your structure can stay as up to date as your operation.


Lower Insurance Premiums

There is an estimated 40% savings when you build with steel over wood. Long term costs are lower when you build with steel.



Get the structures you deserve and be comfortable knowing you have exactly what your operation needs – now and into the future.

Natural Light in the Workplace – Why is it Important?

As a business owner you know that if you treat your employees well they will go above and beyond for your company. There are many aspects of an employee’s daily work experience affecting their level of engagement. A fairly basic place to start is the work environment. We believe that natural light in a workplace is very important for all employees. Here is why:

  1. Boost creativity

Offices with access to sunlight and greenery have a direct impact on workers boosting creativity by 15%. The number one requested/expected natural feature in a workplace is daylight, there is no surprise there.


  1. Employees sleep better at night

It is known that employees that are exposed to sunlight throughout the day get an average of 46 minutes more sleep per night compared to employees who toil without sunlight. Our body’s exposure to sunlight has a huge impact on our sleep quality and sleep efficiency. Sitting next to a window or getting exposure from across the room not only affects you at the work place, it will follow you home to enhance the effect of your night’s sleep.


  1. Less chance of employees getting sick

Nobody likes getting sick, so why wouldn’t we try to avoid it the best way we can. We all know that sunlight is essential for our bodies to make vitamin D. This positively impacts our immune system and our overall health. Studies show sunlight in the workplace reduces stress and absenteeism among office workers.


  1. Increase of productivity and concentration

Light is energy and we all need more of it. Your mind needs to be stimulated and concentrated, so it is important to have your work area and office well lit. Most workplaces use fluorescent lighting which can cause headaches and eye irritation, especially for those who are looking at computer screens all day. Having natural light will make a huge difference in productivity and keep your employees on their game.


  1. Energy savings

Natural light will be very beneficial for your team and it will impact the environment.

Less fluorescent lights = less waste created and your energy bill will adore you!


Natural Light in the workplace will improve your work environment and make employees happier. Happier employees will get your company better results.


Need more natural light in your workplace? Logan Stevens Construction can provide options to allow more natural light into your work environment. We can help you achieve a more user friendly work space.


Logan Stevens Construction

Ph: 306-783-3678

Email: lsc@loganstevens.ca


Why we are a Winkler Structures dealer


Logan Stevens Construction is committed to providing our customers with a quality product. We have been very fortunate to team up with Winkler Structures and become one of their dealers. Winkler Structures is a fabric building manufacturer based out of Winkler, Manitoba. Winkler Structures is a family owned business who, like us, will not compromise a quality product for a price or profit.


We wanted to offer our customers a quick and inexpensive solution for cold storage. Our solution is Winkler Structures. With them as our provider we can offer our customers a ‘best value’ for your cold storage needs. The quality material that Winkler Canvas uses has a life expectancy of 20 or more years – at which that time it can be replaced with a new cover over the existing frame. Not only can we offer you a great, inexpensive building for your needs but our crews have the special techniques that are required for assembly. Each of our customers will receive a quality build and quality service.


What can you expect when you get a Winkler Structure building from us?

  • A quality product that will be assembled correctly
  • A building that comes with full warranty
  • A building provided by a local, well known supplier
  • A building that has a life expectancy of at least 20+ years, at which time the fabric can be replaced
  • A building that can be moved very easily
  • A building that will be the ‘best match’ for our clients’ needs


Our Fabric Structures can come in many sizes and configurations.

For more information regarding our Fabric Structures – visit our website http://loganstevens.ca/fabric-buildings/



Introducing the New Logan Stevens Website




Over 100 years ago a small construction company named Logan and Black evolved into the largest construction company in the area.  Now “Logan Stevens Construction 2000 Ltd.” (LSC), we have done well over 1600 major projects within Saskatchewan and Manitoba.


We continually expand our abilities, our goals, and our approach.  We take immense pride in our past century of craftsmanship and we will continue to deliver valuable and ongoing service to our clients. We actively believe every client deserves quality work and we strive every day to deliver this to our clients. Our experienced team is our most valuable asset – it is this team that has the knowledge and skills to provide you a quick, easy and stress free project.


Today, we have 7 crews serving Saskatchewan and Western Manitoba.   We have our own, full time, dedicated safety officer to ensure your project will be completed safely. Our Drafting and Design team are here to help create the look and feel you are after and our estimators will make sure YOU get the best value possible for the quality building you are looking for.   Our Project Managers will stay on top of your project to ensure it is “on time and on budget”!

LSC also has Equipment Division which includes sales, rentals, parts and service.  You can find everything required for specialty construction tools, safety supplies, agriculture and lawn and garden.


Our People have the skills and innovation to serve YOU better


We actively encourage the personal development of our people. Our team is the core of who LSC really is. Our people have the skills and innovation to better serve our clients and create top quality buildings.  We will work hard to become your construction project advisor and builder.


We have the skills to design, plan and build your project.


We are very fortunate to have supervisors and field staff on our crews who have up to 40 years experience in the construction industry. Our Project managers and estimators are architectural technicians or journeyman carpenters with 20 or more years of experience in the field – they understand all aspects of your project.  Our design team is focused on making your project exactly what you need it to be. At LSC we work as a team and as a team we strive to provide you a building that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations for many years to come.


We are here to help you, our client, get the service you need from a company you can trust. We take great pride being the trusted advisor for our clients. Our clients know they can come to us with their construction questions and we will provide guidance relevant to their situation.


Recently we created a new website template for our Construction Division with help from Blair Maki at Flashpoint Media. On our website we hope you will find information is more accessible and user friendly.   Our goal is to help our clients understand who we are and the services we are capable of delivering.   With the new clean and clear template we are eager to provide you any information you may be looking for. Our brand is evolving and we are excited to share this journey with all of you.

Stay tuned for weekly blog posts as we talk about all the different aspects within our company and the industry.  Subscribe to our email list to be the first to know.


We are more than a Design Builder. More than a General Contractor. We are more than a Construction company.





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