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Any situation and industry. With an emphasis on innovation and quality, our No Compromise Fabric Structures have the solution.

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  • The Winkler Advantage

    The structural framework is one of the most critical components of a quality fabric covered building. Our promise, The No Compromise Fabric Structure, means that buildings manufactured at Winkler are drafted first and foremost with safety in mind. Our unique purlin design ensures the structure’s integrity in the wildest weather conditions.

  • What is a Purlin?

    A purlin is a term used in structural engineering that refers to any longitudinal, horizontal, or structural member in a roof, used for supporting rafters. In a Winkler Structure, purlins have two purposes. Purlins must resist compression from wind loads, and when the wind blows against the end of a building, they must keep the rafters from tipping over. Purlins also keep the rafters from rolling when loaded.

  • High Strength Structural Steel

    Winkler Structures uses high strength steel from Allied Tube and Conduit. Our steel meets an ASTM A-500 specification and minimum 50,000 PSI tensile strengths consistent with yields on structural C spec. Not all shelter manufacturers use structural steel.

  • Warranty

    15 Years Warranty on all Winkler Structure

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Our Structures

Fabric Structures Provided by Winkler Structures

Any Situation, Any Industry. Winkler Structures is the Solution.

Wind & Weather

Wind & Weather 2019 Prices

20 x 26   $2,995.00

30 x 40   $5,795.00

30 x 52   $5,995.00

30 x 60   $6,395.00

30 x 78   $7,495.00

30 x 85   $7,995.00

40 x 80   $19,900.00

40 x 80   $21,900.00

50 x 100   $24,900.00

50 x 150   $29,900.00

NOT Farm Auction Buildings

5 Year Fabric Warranty

12 Year Pro Rated Warranty

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