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Logan Stevens Construction is a company deeply rooted both in its rich history and in its focus on the future.

James Penner Logan and William Black met on a trans-Atlantic ship in 1903.

These two young men would lay a foundation of a company that remains a leading force in the construction industry more than a century later.

In 1907 James Logan and William Black joined forces to become Yorkton’s premier contractors

The new company Logan and Black, was instrumental; in building the residential and commercial sectors of the rapidly expanding community.

In 1914 Logan and Black constructed St. Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Church and in 1920 St. Joseph’s College

During the 1930’s, Don Logan, son of James Logan and an architectural graduate, joined Logan and Black. The decade signalled an official incorporation and expansion for the business.

In the years immediately following World War II, Logan and Black built homes for returning servicemen, utilizing state-of-the-art two-story walls that were fabricated in the yard and hauled to the construction site by horses.

The 1950’s brought about futher expansion, adding a ready-mix concrete operation known as Trans-Crete. By 1967, the operation was merged with a brick manufacturing plant to form Yorkton Concrete. Yorkton Concrete continues operations today, supplying concrete and precast products to the Yorkton area.

In 1960, Keith Stevens joined the firm, and a year later became Don Logan’s partner in the renamed, Logan Stevens Construction Ltd. Mr. Stevens took charge of the construction arm of the business, moving the operation to York Road, Yorkton’s main industrial thoroughfare in 1961.

In 1967 following the passing of Mr. Stevens, a reconfiguration of principals occurred. William Mark was appointed general manager of Logan Stevens Construction Ltd., and in 1969, became a partner in the business.

After more than 40 years of active involvement his father founded, Don Logan retired from the day-to-day operation of the firm in 1981. The company was reorganized under the ownership of William and Angie Mark.

In 1981, Randy Holfeld joined the business after 17 years experience in municipal engineering and administration in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Randy and Dianne Holfeld became shareholders of the company in 1982.

The business continued to succeed as Logan Stevens Construction (1981) Ltd., earning a solid reputation as construction managers and builders on several projects in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia.

The year 2000 saw our great company reorganized as Logan Stevens Construction (2000) Ltd. A group of shareholders consisting of experienced Logan Stevens Construction (1981) Ltd. management and field personnel became the principals of the company. William and Randy remained on staff for a while to facilitate the transition. Since then, our shareholders group has shrunk somewhat and evolved into an experienced and knowledgeable Board of Directors who have worked well together for the past 20 years and are eager to continue that working relation into the future.

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