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Home Safety

The safety of our employees, visitors and the public at large is a key principle of our company. We expect all employees to have a positive attitude towards safety at work, home or on vacation. This type of attitude will help us achieve a safe and healthy workplace.

Management is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions as well as promoting positive attitudes toward safety and health within the organization. We are all responsible for providing a safe workplace ensuring that physical and health hazards are eliminated or guarded against and developing work procedures conducive to a safe and healthy work environment.

All employees will be equally responsible for minimizing accidents within our facilities. Safe work practices and procedures are clearly defined in the Logan Stevens Safety Manual for everyone within our work scope to follow.

Everyone is expected to correct and/or report all known or potential hazards, accidents, incidents and near misses immediately. By working together co-operatively, we can prevent accidents and have a safe and healthy workplace.

Want to find out more about safety at Logan Stevens Construction? Contact Ryan LeNouail at 306-782-2266 ext. 264 or by email rlenouail@loganstevens.ca

What is COR?

The Certificate of Recognition (COR) is a program offered through many construction safety associations across Canada. Logan Stevens Construction entered into the program with the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA). The COR program is an effective way of developing and implementing a quality safety program using the information the company received from the following courses:

Safety Management: This course and the topics discussed provide the fundamental knowledge required for the development and implementation of an effective health and safety program.

Leadership for Safety Excellence: This program will assist supervisors in building health and safety into their everyday planning.It encourages and promotes a safe work environment where people can work safely, and help make a lasting contribution to a reduction of incidents in the industry.

Auditor Training: All auditor candidates are required to have a working knowledge of field operations and possess strong communication and analytical skills.This program is designed to provide training to those who will be evaluating the Logan Stevens Construction health & safety program.Safety audits are a cost-effective method of measuring existing management systems.This program provides education necessary to effectively evaluate the health and safety system in our company.

WHMIS Trainer: WHMIS is an excellent program that provides information to employers and workers about the hazardous materials they work with on the job.

After developing and implementing a safety program and passing an external audit, Logan Stevens Construction received the Certificate of Recognition.

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