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Why Robertson Building Systems?

Robertson Building Systems is a leader in providing custom-designed metal buildings and components to the construction industry. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Our employees have extensive knowledge of metal buildings systems and components to help ensure you receive the highest quality building and the very best steel building products and solutions on the market.

With company roots dating back to 1863, Robertson has over 150 years invested in the construction industry — assurance that we have time-tested expertise and proficiency in developing creative building solutions. We constantly look for ways to improve our products and services to meet the evolving construction market demands, including green product solutions as you build for the future.

In addition to faster construction time, Robertson engineered building systems can provide a lower life-cycle building cost. They withstand the ravages of weather and require little maintenance.

Robertson understands that no one knows construction better than building contractors in their local markets.


Any Industry

  • Agriculture

  • Auto Dealerships

  • Commercial / Office

  • Education / Government

  • Garages / Service Stations

  • Hangars / Aviation

  • Manufacturing

  • Religious

  • Retail

  • Warehouse / Storage Centre

Products & Systems

Robertson Building Systems is a leading provider of custom designed steel buildings and building components.

Designed to meet all local and national building codes, Robertson buildings can include mezzanines, facades, parapets, canopies, roof top units and cranes. Traditional architectural finishes such as glass, wood, masonry, stucco and brick can be incorporated into the design. Cost-effective solutions have been developed for a wide variety of uses including shopping centers, schools, churches, manufacturing facilities, warehouses and transportation centers.

A Robertson building offers the strength of steel and the knowledge that you are building with one of the world’s most recycled materials. Virtually 100% of the metal used in steel construction is recyclable. Low maintenance steel roofs with high insulation values can help you conserve energy while reducing operating and maintenance costs.

Building components include rigid frames, wall girts, roof purlins, bracing, many different panel profiles, colors and gauges, trims and flashings, metal building insulation and accessories including doors and windows. Use Robertson components to add architectural flare to conventionally constructed buildings, construct a new steel building or for re-roof, re-clad and retrofit projects.

Robertson Building Systems

Robertson metal buildings offer durability, fast construction, low maintenance and economical customization to save you money.

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