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Natural Light in the Workplace – Why is it Important?

As a business owner you know that if you treat your employees well they will go above and beyond for your company. There are many aspects of an employee’s daily work experience affecting their level of engagement. A fairly basic place to start is the work environment. We believe that natural light in a workplace is very important for all employees. Here is why:

  1. Boost creativity

Offices with access to sunlight and greenery have a direct impact on workers boosting creativity by 15%. The number one requested/expected natural feature in a workplace is daylight, there is no surprise there.


  1. Employees sleep better at night

It is known that employees that are exposed to sunlight throughout the day get an average of 46 minutes more sleep per night compared to employees who toil without sunlight. Our body’s exposure to sunlight has a huge impact on our sleep quality and sleep efficiency. Sitting next to a window or getting exposure from across the room not only affects you at the work place, it will follow you home to enhance the effect of your night’s sleep.


  1. Less chance of employees getting sick

Nobody likes getting sick, so why wouldn’t we try to avoid it the best way we can. We all know that sunlight is essential for our bodies to make vitamin D. This positively impacts our immune system and our overall health. Studies show sunlight in the workplace reduces stress and absenteeism among office workers.


  1. Increase of productivity and concentration

Light is energy and we all need more of it. Your mind needs to be stimulated and concentrated, so it is important to have your work area and office well lit. Most workplaces use fluorescent lighting which can cause headaches and eye irritation, especially for those who are looking at computer screens all day. Having natural light will make a huge difference in productivity and keep your employees on their game.


  1. Energy savings

Natural light will be very beneficial for your team and it will impact the environment.

Less fluorescent lights = less waste created and your energy bill will adore you!


Natural Light in the workplace will improve your work environment and make employees happier. Happier employees will get your company better results.


Need more natural light in your workplace? Logan Stevens Construction can provide options to allow more natural light into your work environment. We can help you achieve a more user friendly work space.


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